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Calculates the delay between two signals using parabolic interpolation of cross-correlation peak

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Updated 19 Aug 2019

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function [ToFpar] = GetTOFparab(Ascan,Ref);
used to get the delay between RefSignal and MySignal. This delay is called time of flight (ToF).
Estimation is based on cross-correlation peak position in time.
ToF is in subsamples, i.e. with better resolution than sampling period.
Time interpolation is using parabolic aproximation.
Assume you have a pulse (reference, or transmitted signal) and a delayed version of it (measured signal in sonar, radar, range meter application). You need to estimate the delay between the measured and reference signals. All you need to supply just these two signals. This function calculates the cross-correlation between two signals and estimates the location of the peak. Peak is estimated with higher than sampling period resolution. Subsample estimation is done using parabolic interpolation. Refer paper below for this function accuracy analysis:
L.Svilainis, et al. Subsample interpolation bias error in time of flight estimation by direct correlation in digital domain. Measurement. 2013, vol. 46, iss. 10, p. 3950-3958.
Two signals can be any shape, not necessary just pulse (e.g. chirp, PSK sequence). Can also be used for spatial shift estimation if signals in time are replaced by signals in space.
Once downloaded, type "help GetTOFparab" for more info

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