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Function creates a shaded rectangle.


Updated 02 Mar 2005

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Do you want to create box plots with shaded bars?
Do you want to fill the graph area before you plot?
Do you want an example which interpolates colour from left to right or up and down?

Your chart will look alot better if you fill the plot area before you chart.

Try this function to spice up your graph back grounds or create shaded 'control ranges' on a chart.

[hPatch, hLine] =drawShadedRectangle(vecXMinMax,vecYMinMax,vecC1,vecC2,vecC3,vecBorderColor,typeHorzVert)

For example:
drawShadedRectangle([0 3],[0 3],[0.95 0.95 1],[0.75 0.75 1],[0.95 0.95 1],[0 0 0.5],'horizontal')

will create a box 3x3 with a white/light blue/white gradient

hold on
drawShadedRectangle([0 1],[0.5 1],[0 0 0.5],[0.75 0.75 1],[0 0 0.5],[0 0 0.5],'horizontal')

Will draw a shaded bar above the background. So it looks just like an excel chart.


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Comments and Ratings (6)

Stuart Anderson

Exceptionally useful ! The documentation could be expanded to define the individual terms more precisely, such as listing all the options for the shading, and the maximum number of colour transitions, but overall a really excellent contribution. Thank you Martyn.

K Garrison

Just what I needed

Youri Who

Julien Emile-Geay

I love it. It's phat.

T-Bone Williams

Works awesome...

Arthur Mobile

Useful, thanks.


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