Interactive contrast adjustment tool running on Labeler apps

version 1.0.0 (6.14 KB) by Kei Otsuka
Interactively change image window width and window center to improve contrast and brightness for pixel level labeling


Updated 1 Oct 2018

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An image with good contrast has sharp differences between black and white, and this helps us to label ground truth data since we can find the edge of objects clearly.
However, the image we want to label on may have poor contrast. For example, medical image is a high dynamic range image in many cases, and intensity values tend to be limited to specific portion of the range.

This tool enable you to interactively adjust contrast and brightness for pixel labeling. You can adjust contrast and brightness by changing image window width and window center on separately launched figure window from Labeler App.
This tool can be used with imageLabeler, videoLabeler and groundTruthLabeler. Please see the header of adjustContrast.m to learn how to use this tool.

imageLabeler, videoLabeler や groundTruthLabelerで提供されている自動ラベリング機能の一部として、
画像処理・画像分類・ディープラーニング・DeepLearning・デモ・IPCVデモ・ニューラルネットワーク・ラベリング・半自動化・vision.labeler.AutomationAlgorithm・医療画像・Medical imaging

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Kei Otsuka (2022). Interactive contrast adjustment tool running on Labeler apps (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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