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Area-to-point Kriging

version (25.9 MB) by Rafnuss
Generate stocastic Gaussian realization constrained to a coarse scale image.


Updated 04 Apr 2019

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2D, Gaussian.
You will need to provide the covariance (or variogram) structure, the up-scaling matrix G and the coarse scale value Z. See example folder for details of the methods and script.m for example how to use the function.

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Rafnuss (2019). Area-to-point Kriging (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Nussbaumer, Raphael, et al. Simulation of Fine-Scale Electrical Conductivity Fields Using Tomograms and Area-to-Point Kriging. Unpublished, 2018, doi:10.13140/rg.2.2.31712.12801.

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Nussbaumer, Raphaël, and Mathieu Gravey. Rafnuss-PhD/A2PK v2.0. Zenodo, 2019, doi:10.5281/zenodo.2620876.

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Hi Jinhao, sorry for the late reply, I did not revived any notification about your questions. Could you give a bit more detail about the issue?
Maybe, start reading and have a look at the exemple. If you still have issue, could you send an issue on the github ( with the script you are using to call the function ?
Hope I can help you

jinhao ren

Hi,Raphael,have you run this code successfully ? Unfortunately, I encounterd with many errors when I run it . I wonder if it's convenient for you to send me a complete code on one case, thank you. My E-mail is:


correct FGS and more efficient computation of G

Faster computation of the weights, cleaner code.

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