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Connect to MQTT brokers and publish/subscribe to topics on the broker.


Updated 29 Jul 2019

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Connect to MQTT compliant brokers over TCP or websocket protocols. After connection, subscribe to topics or wildcards on the broker. Define custom functions to evaluate on receiving messages on subscribed topics. Publish messages to topics on the broker. All QoS levels supported for both publish and subscribe functions.

You can also establish a secure connection to a broker using TLS v1.2 over both TCP and websocket.

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Comments and Ratings (33)

PC Chen

provide no p-code pleeeeease...
need to compile the program to .exe....

eman karim

Hello ,I already use publish and it is work but I have a problem with subscribe I use [ mySub = subscribe(myMQTT,'/topic/out');
readall(mySub);} it is return a comment of (There are no messages.) , why ? any advice please?

Hi, is it possible de reconnect after a disconnection with the broker without having to invoke the mqtt(broker ip) creation command so that it would not be necessary to perform again the topic subsciptions

Toby Ong

Teja Emmey

Hi. Is it possible to save the messages published into a struct variable using 'Callback' function?
Is it possible to read only certain number of old messages (for ex: only 10 latest messages). And also how to use 'msgArrivedEvent' function and 'notify' function


Hi, thanks for the client. I was able to set it up with, but have issues to subscribe to a topic. I basically used the example provided by Sven<-thanks! Error msg is "Invalid QoS value 128 returned by broker. Subscription failed." Any help greatly appreciated.

I just contacted the MathWorks Support regarding my issue and I solved the problem by following their tips.
The solution was to include every file in the "MQTT in Matlab" toolbox (see the screenshot below) in the Matlab Compiler.
The compiler may show a warning sign during packaging but the compiled program works just fine.
I hope if someone has the same problem will find it helpful.

Hello everyone,
I'm using R2018b and I also got the error of "Undefined variable "com" or class "com.mathworks.mqttclient.client.Client"". In my case is that I try to use this MQTT in a GUI made by GUIDE, but somehow it only works in normal Matlab but not in the compiled standalone version (all the .p files in MQTT in Matlab have been added manually).
I also tried to include both .jar files before compiling them, but it doesn't work and Matlab will complain that these two files have been already specified.
Does anyone maybe have a solution in detailed steps?
Thank you in advance!

I can't find on the documentation how to set the Last Will and Testament (LWT) when connecting to a MQTT broker. Is this feature supported?

Alicia Lotz

Has anyone tested the toolbox with a RabbitMQ broker, does this work?

I solved the "Undefined variable "com" or class "com.mathworks.mqttclient.client.Client" by adding the following paths to my javaclasspath (I have R2018a and it didn't work):
The second one may not be needed.

Steven Yeh

I installed MATLAB R2018a and still getting this error : Undefined variable "com" or class "com.mathworks.mqttclient.client.Client"


Just a small example how to use the callback ...

% callback function
function myMQTT_Callback(topic, msg)
fprintf('MQTT callback topic "%s": "%s"\n', topic, msg)

% code to connect to broker and register callback function:
myMQTT = mqtt('tcp://');
mySub = subscribe(myMQTT,'myTopic', 'QoS', 2)
% methods(mySub)
% readall(mySub)
mySub.Callback = @myMQTT_Callback;
% send a test message to check callback
publish(myMQTT, 'myTopic', 'testMessage03');

FYI: My issue is solved. I was using MATLAB R207b and I was getting the error shown in my previous comment. I installed MATLAB R2018a and now the tool is working properly.

same problem, I keep getting the following error:
Undefined variable "com" or class "com.mathworks.mqttclient.client.Client".

i investigated several documentations, checked the function's source, 3rd part software documentation, the community topics, forum, others questions. unfortunately, nothing helped with this specific error.



Hi, may I know how do I define the callback function for subscribe? I have tried with function handle and function file but both gives the error 'Invalid function defined with input parameter type 'string'

Hi Adarsh, can we expect support for R2015a ? Since this is a closed-source project, I sadly can't do much more than ask, but maybe you are willing to share thecode as it seems to be just an interface to a java client anyway. Please contact me, as soon as possible.

Note that this functionality is only supported in MATLAB R2017b and later. Thanks!

Hi Tobias, Thanks for the feedback. Regarding instantiating with options inputs, the mqtt function does accept the parameters you mentioned. Refer to the examples in the function help - you can access this by evaluating "help mqtt" in MATLAB or by visiting the 'Functions' tab. Thanks!

Hello eveyone.

Also recenly installed the "MQTT in MATLAB" add-on.
Unfortunately, i keep getting the following error :
>> myMQTT = mqtt('tcp://')
Error: File: Mqtt.p Line: 127 Column: 0
Unbalanced or unexpected parenthesis or bracket.

It seems that the package works for everybody else, so it should be something I am doing wrong.
Could you please Support? i am using Matlab2014b
Thx and have a good weekend

Hi, until now, tho only useful MQTT-Client i could find to use MQTT out of the box. Works fine on R2017b.

Request: It would be nice to in instantiate the class directly without using the function mqtt(). Also it would be helpful to instantiate with separate or optional inputs like protocoll, port, qos, username, pw, client id, etc.


Hi, i recently installed MQTT in MATLAB but sadly always get this error message:
>> myMQTT = mqtt('tcp://');
Error: File: Mqtt.p Line: 127 Column: 0
Unexpected MATLAB expression.

Can you help me?

Max Person

Hi, how to get subscribe msg in real-time ?

Hello, use the read or readall functions on the subscription to retrieve the messages from the subscription. For eg: mySub = subscribe(myMQTT, 'TestTopic'); read(mySub)

Hello. Everything works fine but how can I retrieve the message from a subscription? The counter increases after a message is published, but the message itself I don't find


Does this MQTT toolbox support older version of Matlab (e.g R2016a)?



This release contains updates to the help documentation.


Added support for MATLAB Online workflows.

Updated image in description.

Added documentation.

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