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A function to create multiple figure windows.


Updated 21 Jul 2017

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figures: a MATLAB function to create multiple figure windows
figures is an extension to MATLAB's built-in figure command. figures supports all the syntax options of figure. Hence, it is highly compatible with most, if not all of your existing MATLAB files. The syntaxes below are the extended possibilities provided by figures.

Run figuresdemo for a demonstration of the possibilities of figures.

figures does the same as the figure command; it creates a new figure window.

figures(n) creates n figures in ascending order. Any currently existing figure windows are not replaced. Instead, the lowest available numbers are used to create the figure windows.

figures(N) activates the figure windows with the numbers in vector N. Any non-existent figure windows are created. N must be a vector of positive integers.

figures(__,'PropertyName',propertyvalue,...) uses the specified property values for all created or activated figure windows.

figures(__,C) uses the specified property values in cell C for each created or activated figure window. Construct C using the following syntax: C = {{set1}, ..., {setN}}, where each set is any number of 'PropertyName',propertyvalue pairs.

F = figures(__) also returns F, a column vector of handle(s) to the created or activated figure window(s) in descending order. This order is the same as MATLAB's built-in list of currently existing figure windows from get(0,'Children'). The order reflects the latest activated figure window.

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Minor description and help text enhancements.

Added a demo script: figuresdemo.m.
figures now supports all the syntaxes of figure, hence it is obsoleted by figures.
Updated the readme and help section to reflect the enhancements.

Minor text updates

Minor help text update

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