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ColorSpec; ColorSweep; Multicolor; Multiple Colors for Plots;

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Updated 02 Jul 2016

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This function enables to plot multiple datas with changing colors. It generates a array of colors in a area and can be adjusted as belows:
The function is function [ColSpec] = ColSpec(a,q,value,start,m,k,inv)
%Therefor "a" defines the amount of different colors
% "q" ist the qth value which is created
% "value" defines how far the sweep should be. So for value = 1
% the sweep goes form red to yellow to green to blue to violett.
% "inv" inverts the colors beginning from blue to green to red for any value but 0.
%start is the value at which color you want to start.
%start = 0 --> red
%start = 0.5 --> yellow
%start = 1 --> green
%start = 1.5 - 2 --> brigthblue
%start = 2.5 --> darkblue
%start = 3 --> pink
%m and q handels the brigthness of th curve

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Hello, Ingo Hermann.How does the graph above show? can you give an example?


Colorspec can be inverted so that the color goes from blue to green to red.

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