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High Density Bilateral Filter

version (34.4 KB) by Suraj Kamya
Can remove more than 90% Impulse Noise.


Updated 12 May 2014

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% hdbf - is High density bilateral filter, which removes high density salt
% & pepper noise.
% im = input image
% sigr = range parmeter for intensity kernel
% K = length to compute window win=(2*l)+1
% n = Noise density of Salt & Pepper Noise
% out = output image
% Code developed by: Suraj Kamya

% Other used functions
% trimmf - trimmed mean filter
% fbif - free bilateral filter
% rpadd - removing padding

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Suraj Kamya (2021). High Density Bilateral Filter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (3)

Suraj Kamya

It can remove more than 90% of the noise try it yourself. :)

Vaishali Ravindranath

Good code. But from which paper you adapted this code and have you published this code in any paper. Could you please cite the code and algorithm used.

Image Analyst

Your screenshot does not illustrate any filtering that I can see. Why don't you show both an original image, and a filtered image in your screenshot?

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Compatible with any release
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