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gcoll: a pedestrian garbage collector and workspace cleaner

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garbage-collects workspace variables into a structure and optionally deletes those floating variable


Updated 01 Oct 2003

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this little routine is a garbage collector that helps to clean up a messy workspace.

it collects those numerous variables (or selected members of them) either from the base's or caller's workspace into a handy structure, where each fieldname represents a variable with its contents set to the variable's value.

optionally, it will remove the variable after(!) assignment -or- keep only those that are selected.

when called within a function with the option
it collects all current variables used within that function; other options and/or patterns apply.

look at the accompanying image and type
help gcoll
at the command prompt for more insights.

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us (2021). gcoll: a pedestrian garbage collector and workspace cleaner (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (2)

yasser essiarab

simple but working properly.. I have less out of memory. it should be used with smart preallocation. increase global performance.
a better tutorial might be usefull

Urs Schwarz (us)

please note: there is an update in the pipeline that gets rid of a small typo, adds a new output-formatting style (user request), and updates the thumbnail. it's version_tag is 18-Sep-2003 16:38:20.
min, please remove this pseudo-review after the file got updated.
thanks a bunch in advance, us

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