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Gaussian beam propagation through a series of thin lenses

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Propagates a Gaussian beam through a series of thin lenses


Updated 03 Dec 2012

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Focusing of spherical Gaussian beams using a thin lenses (Based on Self's paper, Applied Optics, Vol. 22, Issue 5, pp. 658-661 (1983), )
Inputs are:
lambda - beam's wavelength
beam_waist - waist of the beam at the waist position (wp)
wp - waist position
fpos - lenses positions vector [pos1, pos2, pos3 ...]
f - lenses focal-lengths vector [f1, f2, f3 ...]

For example:
Gaussian_Propagation(8e-7,0.00075,-0.1,[0 0.1],[-0.5 0.2])

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Continue the beam propagation up to the beam waist if it happens to be much after the last lens position (thanks Graham). Added the option to print waist positions and sizes on the figure.

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