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clickfit_OH for curve fitting by eye/hand

version (57.8 KB) by Oscar Hartogensis
click a data-series on top of a (noisy) scatterplot and get a spline or polynomial regression


Updated 28 Jan 2010

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clickfit_OH.m lets you mouse-click a series of datapoints on top of a (noisy) scatterplot and returns a spline or polynomial regression through the clicked dataseries. In addition the clicked series itself is returned.
clickfit_OH.m uses an altered version of ginput.m (ginput_OH.m) that from the first click onward connects the mouse-pointer to the previous mouse click location by a line.

* ginput_OH by Oscar Hartogensis (inlcuded in zip-file) which includes the selectable cursor pointer option from MYGINPUT by F. Moisy (../fileexchange/12770-myginput)
* Uses (but will function without):
--> splinefit.m by Jonas Lundgren (../fileexchange/13812-fit-a-spline-to-noisy-data)
--> binned_plot.m by Stefan Schroedl (../fileexchange/19506-binned-scatter-plot)

see "help clickfit_OH" for more information.

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Smith Mark

That is exactly what I was after..thanks:)

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2009a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: click_fit, MYGINPUT, Binned Scatter Plot

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