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Algorithms for the Bend-Forming process developed by Harsh Bhundiya at MIT AeroAstro © 2022


Updated 9 May 2022

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Bend-Forming is a deformation process for fabricating trusses from a spool of wire feedstock, with application to manufacturing large structures in space. This repository contains fabrication algorithms for the Bend-Forming process, developed by Harsh Bhundiya at MIT AeroAstro. See the "Exemplar Structures" folder for examples of prototypes made with the process (e.g., the Stanford bunny in the image above).
For more information on Bend-Forming, see these published articles:
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Exemplar Structures/AntennaSupportStructure

Exemplar Structures/CurvedGridshell/WithAngularDefects

Exemplar Structures/CurvedGridshell/WithoutAngularDefects

Exemplar Structures/IsogridColumn

Exemplar Structures/StanfordBunny

Exemplar Structures/TetrahedralTruss

Exemplar Structures/TrussHoop

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