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Livestream Event - Car Suspension Analysis | May 26 @11am EST on YouTube

Hans Scharler am 25 Mai 2022
Letzte Aktivität Antwort von Hans Scharler am 26 Mai 2022

Join us live on May 26 at 11am for another Livestream Event on YouTube.
We welcome Brian Buechel and Nikola Trica as this week's guests. They will analyze experimental data to quantify the ride quality of a car suspension in MATLAB. They'll work with signals recorded from a car suspension, analyze the data, and visualize the results. At the end, we'll have a shareable report containing code and formatted text that clearly communicates our findings.
Watch the event live or the recording on YouTube. We welcome your questions during the event and let us know what other topics that you are interested in seeing.
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler am 26 Mai 2022
The YouTube Livestream just started:
See you there!

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