Problem 920. Eliminate Polysyllabics: Long live short words!

Solution 3022624

Submitted on 1 Oct 2020 by Augusto Mazzei
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
s1 = 'The all day meetings will continue until we learn why productivity is so low'; s2_correct = 'The all day will we learn why is so low'; assert(isequal(just_short_words(s1),s2_correct))

t = 1×4 cell array {'meetings'} {'continue'} {'until'} {'productivity'} ans = 'The all day will we learn why is so low'

2   Pass
s1 = 'I am perpetually perplexed my big brain notwithstanding'; s2_correct = 'I am my big brain'; assert(isequal(just_short_words(s1),s2_correct))

t = 1×3 cell array {'perpetually'} {'perplexed'} {'notwithstanding'} ans = 'I am my big brain'

3   Pass
s1 = 'Lazy gravy calico sky ipso facto sweet potato pie'; s2_correct = 'sky sweet pie'; assert(isequal(just_short_words(s1),s2_correct))

t = 1×6 cell array {'Lazy'} {'gravy'} {'calico'} {'ipso'} {'facto'} {'potato'} ans = 'sky sweet pie'

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