Problem 700. Monty Hall

Solution 3467448

Submitted on 29 Oct 2020 by Mehmet OZC
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
win=0; Pass=0; for i=1:100 prize=randi(3); doors=[0 0 0]; pick=Monty(doors); pick=floor(pick); if pick<1 || pick>3 win=0; break; else doors(pick)=1; end if pick==prize % Random select from other doors if rand>0.5 doors(find(doors==0,1))=2; else doors(find(doors==0,1,'last'))=2; end else % % Pick other and not prize door reveal=setxor(prize,setxor(pick,[1 2 3])); doors(reveal)=2; end pick=Monty(doors); pick=floor(pick); if pick==prize win=win+1; end end % Monty Loops win % Display number of wins if win>50,Pass=1;end assert(isequal(Pass,1))

win = 76