Problem 44741. You are constantly moving at a speed v faster than your twin brother. How long does it take before you become 1s younger than him according to the theory of relativity?

Solution 1734622

Submitted on 24 Feb 2019 by William
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
v_in = 100; % km/h yearsCorrect = 241830; % years years = becomeOneSecondYounger(v_in); assert(abs(yearsCorrect-years)<10)

2   Pass
v_in = 1000; % km/h yearsCorrect = 2418.7; % years years = becomeOneSecondYounger(v_in); assert(abs(yearsCorrect-years)<0.1)

3   Pass
v_in = 10000; % km/h yearsCorrect = 24.187; % years years = becomeOneSecondYounger(v_in); assert(abs(yearsCorrect-years)<0.01)

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