Problem 44741. You are constantly moving at a speed v faster than your twin brother. How long does it take before you become 1s younger than him according to the theory of relativity?

Solution 1637972

Submitted on 4 Oct 2018
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
v_in = 100; % km/h yearsCorrect = 241830; % years years = becomeOneSecondYounger(v_in); assert(abs(yearsCorrect-years)<10)

Assertion failed.

2   Fail
v_in = 1000; % km/h yearsCorrect = 2418.7; % years years = becomeOneSecondYounger(v_in); assert(abs(yearsCorrect-years)<0.1)

Assertion failed.

3   Fail
v_in = 10000; % km/h yearsCorrect = 24.187; % years years = becomeOneSecondYounger(v_in); assert(abs(yearsCorrect-years)<0.01)

Assertion failed.

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