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Submitted on 17 Oct 2017
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
x = 2;y_correct = 0; assert(isequal(pandigitalby11(x),y_correct))

2   Pass
x = 3;y_correct = 6; assert(isequal(pandigitalby11(x),y_correct))

3   Pass
x = 7;y_correct = 4032; assert(isequal(pandigitalby11(x),y_correct))

4   Fail
p6=pandigitalby11(6); p8=pandigitalby11(8); p9=pandigitalby11(9); assert(p8>p6); assert(p9>p8); f6=factor(p6); f8=factor(p8); f9=factor(p9); f9e1=f9(end-1); assert(max(f9)<max(f8)); assert(f9e1>max(f6)); assert(numel(f9)>numel(f8));

Error using assert The condition input argument must be a scalar logical. Error in Test4 (line 5) assert(p8>p6);

5   Fail
x = 11;y_correct = 9072000; assert(isequal(pandigitalby11(x),y_correct))

Assertion failed.

6   Fail
x = 14;y_correct = 3216477600; assert(isequal(pandigitalby11(x),y_correct))

Assertion failed.

7   Fail

Assertion failed.

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