Problem 44313. "Cody" * 5 == "CodyCodyCodyCodyCody"

Created by Peng Liu in Community

Alice: What? "Cody" * 5 == "CodyCodyCodyCodyCody"? You've gotta be kidding me!

Bob: No, I am serious! Python supports such "multiplication" of strings, which actually means replication of strings!

Alice: Really?

Bob: Modern languages (C++, Java, Python, etc) tend to use native operators (via overloading) to perform simple string manipulations, such as + for string concatenation (e.g., "Cody" + "Cody" == "CodyCody"). Also, Python adopts * to perform string replication. Since R2016b, MATLAB has followed the same convention by introducing the + operator to perform string concatenation (See Problem 43663 for a Cody example). Nevertheless, as of R2017b, there is no support for the * operator (or any other operators) which performs string replication in MATLAB.

Alice: Sounds like there is a gap...

Bob: You got it. Now, I'd like you to fill the gap by using whatever method (preferably overloading) to make * perform string replication in Cody (similar to * in Python), e.g.,

>> "Cody" * 2
ans = 
>> 3 * "Cody"
  ans = 

Alice: Gotcha. Let me give it a try.

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