Solution 35538

Submitted on 9 Feb 2012 by Martijn
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
ab=rand; bc=rand; ca=max(min(rand, ab+bc),abs(ab-bc)); tic; for k=1:10^3 [abc,bca,cab]=sides_to_angles(ab,bc,ca); end; your_time=toc/10^3 test_yours=round([abc,bca,cab]*10^4)/10^4 abc=acos((ab^2+bc^2-ca^2)/2/ab/bc); bca=acos((bc^2+ca^2-ab^2)/2/bc/ca); cab=acos((ca^2+ab^2-bc^2)/2/ca/ab); test_correct=round([abc,bca,cab]*10^4)/10^4 assert(isequal(test_yours,test_correct)) % assert(your_time<100e-6)

your_time = 3.2164e-05 test_yours = 0 3.1416 0 test_correct = 0 3.1416 0