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Why do I receive License Manager Error -16?

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When starting the network license manager or starting MATLAB I receive the following error:
Cannot read data from license server. License Manager Error -16.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 6 May 2019
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 6 May 2019
This error will occur if the path to mlm in your license file is incorrect. To resolve this error, open the license.dat file with a plain text editor and correct the path to mlm.
Where $MATLAB is the MATLAB installation directory, the license.dat file on the server machine is located in:
The DAEMON line specifies the daemon type and the path to the daemon. For MATLAB, this is:
DAEMON MLM <path to vendor daemon>
The location of the daemon depends on your operating system.
The daemon will normally be located here:
The daemon will normally be located here:
Prior to R2011a, MLM was named lm_matlab on Linux and Mac.
Once you have made the changes to the license file, you must stop and start the network license manager. (Do not reread the license file: reread is not supported by the MATLAB vendor daemon.) For more information on stopping and starting the license manager, please see How do I start or stop the MathWorks Network License Manager?

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nightrome on 18 Aug 2016

Where are the "Related Solutions listed below"?

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Thomas Kirsh
Thomas Kirsh on 10 Jul 2019
I received this message on a supercomputer at my university and I was able to fix the problem by increasing the amount of memory I requested in my PBS script.


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Meng Wang
Meng Wang on 16 Sep 2020
I received this error when I was plotting a very big array and the MatLab crashed. Restarting the computer solved the problem.


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