converting an excel formula into matlab

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C.G. on 16 Aug 2021
Commented: C.G. on 16 Aug 2021
I've written the formulas out that I require in excel, but now I want to put these into matlab.
The current matlab code I have is below, but I am struggling to convert column D in my excel file to code in matlab. Could anybody help?
resV = sqrt(vel(:,1).^2 +vel(:,2).^2 + vel(:,3).^2);
time = 1:1935804;
time = time';
GT = resV-mean(resV);
GT2 = GT.^2;
RMS = sqrt(

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Wan Ji
Wan Ji on 16 Aug 2021
Hi, friend, I have translated your excel function to matlab command line.
a = readtable('C-RMSfluctuation.xlsx','PreserveVariableNames',true);
cols = a.Properties.VariableNames;
a{:,cols{3}} = a{:,cols{2}}.^2;
a{:,cols{4}} = sqrt(cumsum(a{:,cols{3}})./a{:,cols{1}});
writetable(a,'C-RMSfluctuation_New.xlsx') % strore the result in a new xlsx file
The result table is shown like this
C.G. on 16 Aug 2021
Thank you, your code worked well!

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dpb on 16 Aug 2021
resV = vecnorm(vel,2,2); % 2-norm by row
time = 1:1935804.'; % dunno what time represents, use a timetable instead, maybe?
GT = detrend(resV); % again, use MATLAB-supplied function
RMS = rms(GT); % and yet again, builtin guessing is what wanted rms of...
It's daunting to find all the functions that are available initially, granted...just takes some time.
The venerable lookfor command is still valuable if you have an idea of what you want but don't know the name...
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C.G. on 16 Aug 2021
Thank you for your response, but thats not what I need.
I want to be able to write this formula in matlab: =SQRT(((SUM(C$2:C4)/A4)))

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