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Simscape Fluids - The best way to inputs parameters on the Displacement Pump Rexroth

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I am trying to use this axial piston fixed pump to a fixed-displacement Pump block.
I don't found all the data to use the Case 1: Analytical Efficiency Calculation
And I don't understandt how to fill the table of Case 2: Efficiency Tabulated Data and Case 3: Loss Tabulated Data

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang am 29 Jul. 2022
Hi Diego,
It's very common that the supplier doesn't provide ALL technical data. Some educated guess is often needed. The first option, Analytical Efficiency Calculation require the least amount of supplier data, so I would recommend that you start with that.
For the pump in your link, the supplier has provided displacement, nominal rpm, nominal pressure, mineral oil as the working fluid (so you can lookup viscosity and density). All these go directly into the block parameters. Then, estimate a reasonable volumetric efficiency. The default value seems OK to me as a starter. You can estimate the no-load torque as a small fraction of the torque at nominal condition, provided by the supplier. For the "Friction torque vs. pressure gain coefficient", I don't see any useful info from the supplier data, and I would assume it to be zero to make things simpler.
This, hopefully, helps you get started.


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