How do I update my Polyspace desktop product license file for a Designated Computer license or trial?

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How do I update the licensing for a Polyspace desktop product (Polyspace Bug Finder, Polyspace Code Prover or Polyspace Test) if my license or trial has been updated?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 25 Sep. 2023
If your license or trial has not expired, you will need to launch the MathWorks activation client directly to update the license file.
If your license or trial has expired the MathWorks activation client will launch automatically and you can skip the steps to launch the activation client.
The activation client is located here:
C:\Program Files\Polyspace\R20XXx\bin\winXX\activate_matlab.exe 
  1. Open Finder.
  2. Go to "Applications".
  3. Right-click or control-click on the Polyspace application icon. (e.g.
  4. Click on "Show Package Contents".
  5. Open "".
The activation client is located here:
Once you have launched the MathWorks activation client
  1. Select "Activate automatically using the internet."
  2. Sign into your MathWorks account
  3. Select the trial license you wish to activate
  4. Confirm the activation information.
  5. Click "finish" to complete the activation process.

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