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Why is MATLAB slow after updating my MacOS to version 11.4?

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After updating my MacOS to 11.4, MATLAB takes a long time to start or starts extremely slow.  How can I resolve this issue?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 21 Jun 2021
With the new MacOS 11.4 update, we have discovered an issue with slow start times when launching MATLAB from the Dock or Finder. To workaround this issue as we work toward a solution, you may start MATLAB through the terminal.
To open MATLAB from the terminal, open a Terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/ and run the following command:
Where $MATLAB is the path to your MATLAB directory. For example, if you are using MATLAB R2021a and have installed MATLAB in the default directory, the command will be:

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