if condition for Matrix

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Osamah Alayafi
Osamah Alayafi am 31 Mai 2021
Beantwortet: Steven Lord am 31 Mai 2021
I have Matrix for example
M = ones(10,10)
how I make ( if condition) s.t
M(i-tau,j)=0 if i-tau <0,
where i =1:10 and j =1:10
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Torsten am 31 Mai 2021
M(i-tau,j) does not exist if (i-tau)<0. So you can't set it to a specified value ( 0 in this case ).

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 31 Mai 2021
M(i-tau,j)=0 if i-tau <0,
There's no such thing as row -1 of a matrix in MATLAB. Depending on what you're trying to do you could limit the values of i over which you iterate to those that make i-tau a positive integer value or you could detect the condition where i-tau is negative (actually you'd want to detect when it's non-positive since there's no such thing as row 0 in a matrix in MATLAB either. The first row in a matrix in MATLAB is row 1.) and skip attempting to index into M entirely.

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