Find duplicated values in a row and rename

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I have a data array (100:500), and for the first vector(1,:) I would like to find the duplicated string values(the data in each cell is an string). For the result duplicated stings found I want to concatenate '_2'...'_n' depending on the duplicates found. I have try with the unique and histc functions but since is a vector of strings I could not achieve a good result.
I would really appreciate some help,
Thanks in advance

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Curtis N
Curtis N on 26 Jan 2015
I'm sure you no longer need this, but as I was looking for this type of solution today, here's how I did it using A K's suggestion.
orig = {'a', 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'b', 'a', 'b', 'a', 'e'}';
new = orig;
uniqStr = unique(orig);
for ii = 1:length(uniqStr)
idx = strmatch(uniqStr{ii}, orig, 'exact');
for jj = 2:length(idx)
new{idx(jj)} = [orig{idx(jj)}, '_', num2str(jj)];
compare = [orig, new]
compare =
'a' 'a'
'a' 'a_2'
'b' 'b'
'c' 'c'
'd' 'd'
'b' 'b_2'
'a' 'a_3'
'b' 'b_3'
'a' 'a_4'
'e' 'e'
If somebody knows how to due this without loops, please share the solution.

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A K on 16 Jul 2013
You can try using "unique" function to get a listing of all unique strings in your row vector
Next try using "strmatch" for each uniqe string found to see if they are repeated. You can try
index = strmatch('unique_string', array_of_strings, 'exact'), where index will point to the locations in array_of_strings where unique_string occurs.
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Manuel on 17 Jul 2013
I have tried but does not work or I did not understund how should work, in raw(1,:) there are two duplicated strings and does not detect the match between the others.
index = strmatch(unique(raw(1,:)), raw(1,:), 'exact')
index = []
Any more idea? thank you beforehand,

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