How to delete spaces and '[ ', ']' characters from all data array string cells?

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I need to remove the spaces and '[', ']' characters from the cells of a data array, I have try with the cellfun function and with:
a(a(1,1)== '[')='' %%where 'a' is the matrix, this case only for the first cell and '[' character
But is not working, How could be done?
Thank you in advance,

Accepted Answer

Jan on 15 Jul 2013
Posting some example data would reduce the need to guess, what you exactly want.
CStr = {' This contains spaces ', 'This has some [ and ]'};
CStr = strrep(CStr, ' ', '');
CStr = strrep(CStr, '[', '');
CStr = strrep(CStr, ']', '');

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 15 Jul 2013
a={'',1 ,[],'22'}


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