how do i create this loop in matlab?

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L Mllr
L Mllr on 23 Apr 2021
Commented: L Mllr on 23 Apr 2021
i want to create this loop in matlab, this is a python code :
mvols = np.zeros((len(df['NASDAQ']),len(risks)))
for j in range(len(risks)):
mvols[0:windowsize,j] = np.std(np.array(df[risks[j]])[0:windowsize],ddof=1)
for i in range(windowsize-1,len(df['NASDAQ'])-1):
mvols[i+1,j] = np.sqrt(l*mvols[i,j]**2+(1-l)*df.iloc[i][risks[j]]**2)
for j in range(len(risks)):
the variable risks is a matrix of indices which are all the same length :
risks = ['NASDAQ','AEXUSD','DAXUSD','Nikkei','EURIBOR']
matlab gives me an error because i want to calculate the varaible mvols(i+1,j) which is one time period ahead and its past, mvols(i,j) is in the formula , i have no idea how to code this in matlab, does anyone have any idea?
thanks in advance

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