Remaining Usefull Time - Predict RUL not working on ThingSpeak

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Aniket Manjare
Aniket Manjare on 18 Apr 2021
Edited: ricardo arias on 30 Sep 2021
I can succesfulkly run the code on Matlab but ,it shows error while running on ThingSpeak.
I really dont understan whats wrong, can you help me
error i am getting on Thingspeak Matlab Analysis
Warning: While loading an object of class 'linearDegradationModel':
Unrecognized field name "AlphaLevel".
> In MATLABAnalysis>getValues (line 50)
In MATLABAnalysis (line 34)
Error using rulModel/predictRUL (line 269)
Operands to the logical and (&&) and or (||) operators must be convertible to logical scalar values.
Error in MATLABAnalysis>getValues (line 62)
[estTTS, CITTS, pdfTTS] = predictRUL(T.mdl{failureMode},[-NaN healthIndicator],threshold);
Error in MATLABAnalysis (line 34)
[estTTS,healthIndicator,threshold,EmailAlertFlag] = getValues(features, out,dropBoxAccessToken, IFTTTURL, secondChID,thresholdTTS,labels,secondReadAPIKey) %Get the others values to be written on
second channel
ricardo arias
ricardo arias on 30 Sep 2021
Can I use your code to predict the RUL with a file like this:
Only for VelB2 (Velocity in Bearing 2, in in/s). Threshold 0.351 in/s.
Could you help me with this??

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