CodeOcean - how do I install Toolboxes from .tar files

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I am submitting MATLAB code that came up from my research on Reinforcement Learining, to CodeOcean ( - which is a "reproduceable research" platform.
However for the code to run I must install the R2019a Reinforcement Learning Toolbox™ via a install script. The link below from CodeOcean explains how I must do it:
It uses a "curl" command to download a .tar toolbox file
My question is: Where do I find the Reinforcement Learning Toolbox .tar file?
Thank you for your help, Rajesh

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 13 Mar 2021
Note that the URL of the page states "user provided". I'm not certain but I don't know if that process applies to MathWorks toolboxes that are installed via the Installer or the Add-Ons Explorer. You should probably contact CodeOcean support and MathWorks support for help setting up your repository on that platform so it has access to Reinforcement Learning Toolbox.
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Rajesh Siraskar
Rajesh Siraskar on 6 Apr 2021
Thank you Steven
Am in touch with CodeOcean for loading the Add-Ons.
But yes you are right - that is the way to get this done. Thank you.

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