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Should I use cvpartition before using crossval function?

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Umit Kilic
Umit Kilic on 18 Jan 2021
Commented: Umit Kilic on 18 Jan 2021
Hi friends,
I am trying to use k-fold cross validation in Matlab. I analyze the examples and Matlab documents about it but I am confused at one point. Can you tell me which usage is correct ?
Usage 1:
%feat is x data of all data set label is y data of all data set.
Usage 2:
SVMModel = fitcecoc(trainingData,classes);
cp = cvpartition(classes, 'k', 10);
CVM = crossval(SVMModel, 'CVPartition', cp);
Also, does the usage of this line of code change according to the classifier used in the code? For example, if I use fitcsvm instead of fitcknn, should I remove any function? (I think, I should not.)
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Umit Kilic
Umit Kilic on 18 Jan 2021
Cross-validation partition, specified as the comma-separated pair consisting of 'CVPartition' and a cvpartition object created by the cvpartition function. crossval splits the data into subsets with cvpartition.
I see the above information from crossval documentation. I think first usage is enough, because the info says that crossval uses cvpartitionn function already. Even so, I would like to hear your response.

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