Does the MATLAB function wcoherence compute significance of the coherence values?

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Nirvik Sinha
Nirvik Sinha on 5 Jan 2021
Answered: Srishti Sahni on 24 May 2022
On the basis of what I understand from the literature, significant values need to be computed by doing Monte-Carlo simulations by generating surrogate data from the orginal x,y pair. Is this implemented in the MATLAB function already?

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Srishti Sahni
Srishti Sahni on 24 May 2022
I understand that you want to compute the significance of the coherence values as per the Monte-Carlo simulations, but unfortunately that functionality is not available within the ‘wcoherence’ function.
You can read more about the different variations of the ‘wcoherence’ function on the following link:

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