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i am a beginner matlab user , and i have problem with the number of decimal places , i need to increase them , what should i do ? here is the code , can anyone just edit it to increase the number of decimal places

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clear all
f=@(x,y)x+y; %Write your f(x,y) function, where dy/dx=f(x,y), x(x0)=y0.
x0=input('\n Enter initial value of x i.e. x0: '); %example x0=0
y0=input('\n Enter initial value of y i.e. y0: '); %example y0=0.5
xn=input('\n Enter the final value of x: ');% where we need to find the value of y
%example x=2
h=input('\n Enter the step length h: '); %example h=0.2
%Formula: y1=y0+h/2*[f(x0,y0)+f(x1,y1*)] where y1*=y0+h*f(x0,y0);
fprintf('\n x y ');
while x0<=xn
fprintf('\n%4.3f %4.3f ',x0,y0);%values of x and y


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the cyclist
the cyclist on 25 Dec 2020
Edited: the cyclist on 25 Dec 2020
You can use the format command, e.g.
format long
Note that MATLAB always stores the result as double precision by default -- you are only changing how the values will be displayed in the command window.


the cyclist
the cyclist on 26 Dec 2020
Sorry, I missed that you were directly controlling the significant figures in your output commands. Instead of
fprintf('\n%4.3f %4.3f ',x0,y0);%values of x and y
try something like
fprintf('\n%4.3f %15.8f ',x0,y0);%values of x and y
The string in the fprintf command controls the precision. See the documentation for fprintf for details.

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