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How to convert a .txt file to any image format

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Aravind Poolla
Aravind Poolla on 15 Dec 2020
Commented: Jan on 23 Dec 2020
I have a .txt file which contains the data of image in numbers as I am new to matlab I need some help figuring this out .
All i need is to convert this .txt file into any image format like a jpeg,jpg or anything. I tried attaching the file but after reducing it is 6mb so this site is not accepting it but i added a screenshot of it below . If you are intrested in this I can email you the file afer looking into the screenshot.
Thank you in advance

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Jan on 15 Dec 2020
The contents of the file does not contain enouh information to understand the format completely. The initial "2 2 1 1" might be important or not. Without knowing, what these values mean, it is impossible to create an image, which displays exactly, what is written to the text file.
So the frist step ist to find a documentation of the file format. Then It should be more or less easy to write a code for the conversion.
Jan on 23 Dec 2020
The values could be positions of pixels, or RGB values of pixels on a grid, or difference to the former pixel, or something else. Guessing is not reliable. Why don't you ask the author of the software, which has created the file? Asking authors is the standard method to obtain information.

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