How to combine multiple neural networks?

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i have created 3 individual neural networks. now i want to combine these 3 networks and create a new network such that outputs of the first three networks become inputs for the new network. inputs of any of the old networks should not effect the output of others.
is it possible to do this in matlab?
all the networks should run simultaneously.

Accepted Answer

K-J Mohammed
K-J Mohammed on 11 Jun 2011
Read the "Custom Networks" page of "Advanced Topics" in the Neural Network Toolbox help file. It describes creating a network object and populating the properties including numbers of inputs, numbers of layers, connections, etc. These properties define the architecture of the entire network. In your case, you'll have 4 layers, with the first 3 connected to the inputs and the 4th layer's inputs connected to the outputs of the first 3 layers.

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