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Pass value from App 1 to App2 in Matlab App designer in Matlab 2016

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joms on 30 Nov 2020
Im using matlab 2016b so there are limitation in editing startfup function argument unlike in 2020version.
I would like to call a value of a textbox from 1 app and use it in in 2nd app. App 1 executes first then app 2 loads the public property 'data' from app1 .
%mainapp public property
property (Access=Public)
%From Main App in after pushbutton pressed
app.EditText.Value='sample text to import'
%Secondary display after pushbutton pressed
I am using the above code but i get error. I also search similar questions but their execution method is different from mine where the main app is the input receiver and the 2ndary app copies values o¥from main app. Thanks in advance

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