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'importONNXFunction' cannot import yolov3.onnx?

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cui on 8 Nov 2020
Edited: cui on 24 Feb 2021 at 13:25
When I tried to import 'yolov3.onnx', the following error occurred. How can I solve it?
Extraction code :kuni
%% 导入yolov3.onnx进行预测(推理)
yolov3model = 'yolov3.onnx';
params = importONNXFunction(yolov3model,'yolov3fcn');
%% 推理
img = imread('person.jpg');
img = imresize(img,[416,416]);
img = rescale(img,0,1);
inputImg = permute(img,[3,1,2]);
input_1_01 = reshape(inputImg,[1,size(inputImg)]); % n*c*h*w,[0,1],RGB顺序
image_shape_01 = [1,2];
[yolonms_layer_1_ExpandDims_1_0, yolonms_layer_1_ExpandDims_3_0, yolonms_layer_1_concat_2_0, state] = yolov3fcn(input_1_01, image_shape_01, params,...
Reference to non-existent field 'y3_01'.
Error in yolov3fcn>yolov3Graph2377 (line 1790)
[Vars.TFNodes_yolo_evaluation_layer_1_Shape_3_0, NumDims.TFNodes_yolo_evaluation_layer_1_Shape_3_0] = onnxShape(Vars.y3_01, NumDims.y3_01);
Error in yolov3fcn (line 98)
[yolonms_layer_1_ExpandDims_1_0, yolonms_layer_1_ExpandDims_3_0, yolonms_layer_1_concat_2_0, NumDims.yolonms_layer_1_ExpandDims_1_0, NumDims.yolonms_layer_1_ExpandDims_3_0, NumDims.yolonms_layer_1_concat_2_0, state] =
yolov3Graph2377(input_1_01, image_shape_01, NumDims.input_1_01, NumDims.image_shape_01, Vars, NumDims, Training, params.State);
Error in test1 (line 12)
[yolonms_layer_1_ExpandDims_1_0, yolonms_layer_1_ExpandDims_3_0, yolonms_layer_1_concat_2_0, state] = yolov3fcn(input_1_01, image_shape_01, params,...
MY analyze:


Sivylla Paraskevopoulou
Sivylla Paraskevopoulou on 12 Feb 2021 at 20:48
The model download link is not working for me. Have you tried to download YOLOv3 from the ONNX model zoo?
>> pretrainedURL = '';
>> websave('yolov3.onnx',pretrainedURL);
Note that to import all the layers in yolov3, in addition to the support package, you will need Deep Learning Toolbox, Image Processing Toolbox, and Computer Vision Toolbox.
You might also want to try to replicate the following example with the imported network as a preliminary test
cui on 24 Feb 2021 at 13:22
I am not really importing and exporting yolov3.onnx, what I want to express is that all onnx model architecture models similar to yolov3.onnx should be imported and exported, such as yolov4.onnx, yolov5.onnx, and other segmentation and detection , The general onnx model of semantics.
I wrote the matlab package of yolov3-v4 a year ago, but it was not supported at that time! My version depends less on the environment and is more efficient!
'importONNXFunction' still needs more improvement!

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