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some rows appears as text in excel when it should be numerical.

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isamh am 7 Nov. 2020
Geschlossen: MATLAB Answer Bot am 20 Aug. 2021
I calculated some data and imorted that to an xlsx sheet. for some odd reason, some rows show as text while others show as numerical.
code is:
Speed_70 = table(mean_speed70_MPH, mean_power70_MPH, mean_force112_KPH);
STD_70 = table(std_speed70_MPH, std_power70_MPH, std_force112_KPH);
CV_70 = table(CV_speed70_MPH, CV_power70_MPH, CV_force112_KPH);
Table11 = [Speed_50_1, Speed_55_1, Speed_60_1, Speed_65_1, Speed_70];
Table12 = [STD_50_1, STD_55_1, STD_60_1, STD_65_1, STD_70];
Table13 = [CV_50_1, CV_55_1, CV_60_1, CV_65_1, CV_70];
Table21 = [Speed_50_2, Speed_55_2, Speed_60_2, Speed_65_2];
Table22 = [STD_50_2, STD_55_2, STD_60_2, STD_65_2];
Table23 = [CV_50_2, CV_55_2, CV_60_2, CV_65_2];
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dpb am 7 Nov. 2020
Well, a .csv file can contain anything -- we can't see it from here.
We can't debug what we can't see/touch...
Either attach the data that fails or the table you tried to write.
Alternatively, delete the sheet(s) and try again. Will at least eliminate being left over from previous data on the same sheet.

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