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Fitting Model : This expression has no coefficients or non-scalar coefficients

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LB on 31 Oct 2020
Answered: Juhi Singh on 5 Nov 2020
Im trying to fit a model i've made to some experimental data, however I'm getting an error i don't seem to understand.
I followed the fittype guide.
Heres my code:
%This is the model
function pdf = pdf_GG(Var)
LKK = sqrt(Var);
alpha = (exp((5.19.*LKK.^2)./((1 + 9.01.*LKK.^(12/5)).^(7/6))) -1).^-1;
beta = (exp((6.22.*LKK.^2)./((1 + 22.39.*LKK.^(12/5)).^(5/6))) -1).^-1;
k = (alpha+beta)./2;
k1 = alpha.*beta;
H =4.*(k1.^k)./(gamma(alpha).*gamma(beta));
H1 = I.^(k-1);
D = 6.*sqrt(k1.*I);
pdf = H.*H1.*besselk((alpha-beta),D);
And now my main code:
fitfun=fittype(@(Var) pdf_GG( Var),'independent','Var');% this is where i get the this expression has no coeffiecients or non-scalar coefficients error
Any help on how i should proceed to make this fit?Thank you very much


LB on 3 Nov 2020
@Sindar I tried but that just replies with an error: "Custom equations must produce an output vector, matrix or array that is the same size and shape as the input data.This custom equation fails to meet that requirement" How can i fix this?The equation is suposed to return PDF values
Sindar on 4 Nov 2020
Does this return a 2-element array? (and do you expect it to?)
pdf_GG([0 1])
If not, add a breakpoint at the last line and check the sizes of all the intermediate variables

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Accepted Answer

Juhi Singh
Juhi Singh on 5 Nov 2020
The error is being encountered because pdf_GG() returns a vector. Unfortunately, specifying the coefficients as vector is not supported. There is no workaround.


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