Change revolute joint parameter in env.ResetFcn during reinforcement learning

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Sayak Mukherjee
Sayak Mukherjee on 19 Oct 2020
What is the best way to randomize the initial revolute joint angle during eacg episode of reinforcement learning
right now I am using
function in = Arm_ResetFcn(in, init_angle)
init_angle_up = -pi/2 + 2*rand*pi/2;
if rand > 0*5
in = set_param(in,blk_init,'PositionTargetValue',num2str(init_angle_up));
in = set_param(in, blk_init,'PositionTargetValue',num2str(init_angle));
But i am getting errors during simulation
Is it better to define a variable and then use
in = in.setVariable('init_angle',init_angle);
to update the initial angle before each episode?

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