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How to Contact File Exchange Admin?

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I try to update a FEX submission, but
The previous version is a zip-file and now I try to replace that with a mltbx-file.


Star Strider
Star Strider on 29 Sep 2020
Use the Contact Us telephone handset icon in the upper right corner of this page and request Technical Support. That is likely to be the fastest way to resolve this.
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 29 Sep 2020
@Per, I've sent an e-mail request for the right person to look into it.

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Accepted Answer

Manju Jonchhe
Manju Jonchhe on 29 Sep 2020
Hello Per,
It looks like you had uploaded the same .mltbx as a different add-on and deleted that add-on. To prevent the users from uploading the same .mltbx multiple times, we check that the .mltbx does not exist in our system and if it does, we should the error message as you posted above.
I completely removed your deleted add-on with .mltbx from File Exchange. You should be all set to upload .mltbx with your existing add-on.
Let me know if you still encounter any issues.
-- Manju


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per isakson
per isakson on 4 Oct 2020
Hello Manju,
Now, submitting works fine. Thanks!
Yes, I uploaded m2uml.mltbx as a new submission and deleted it minutes later. I have problems to understand how the values of the prj-file maps to the File Exchange page. I wanted to check. I don't submit that often.
I've learned that the Toolbox Image shall have the aspect ratio, h/w, of 3/4. My first image was cropped on the FEX Overview page, but not in the Package a Toolbox dialog box. It matters because I want to show that m2uml now handles nested packages. The Package a Toolbox dialog box should have warned me!
I use R2018b.
This image is from a search.
Last time I submitted (m2uml 2.0.3) I edited the description text directly on the Overview page. The changes were lost because that text is overwritten by the text of the mltbx-file (95% sure).
I mention these two minor issues to support my wish for a description that's more detailed than
"MATLAB populates the File Exchange submission form with information about the toolbox. Review and submit the form to share your toolbox on File Exchange."
The word "review" makes me think it is possible to correct a spelling mistake on the Overview page.
Manju Jonchhe
Manju Jonchhe on 5 Oct 2020
Hello Per,
Thank you for your feedback regarding the image size mismatch between the package-as-toolbox dialog box and File Exchange. We will investigate and will try to align the image size.
For toolbox (.mltbx), we extract most of the metadata from the toolbox .prj file so that File Exchange can show what you have entered in the package-as-toolbox dialog box. If you make any edit in File Exchange afterward, we re-package your toolbox with the new information you updated. I agree that we should warn the user if we are to override any description. We will see if we can add a warning in the future.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Manju Jonchhe
Manju Jonchhe on 5 Oct 2020
Hello Amauri,
I published your RTFS file. You seem to have two files with the same name "RTFS - Realistic Transmission Line Fault Simulator". I recommend making the file name unique.
Hope this helps.

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