Number of Fields in a Thingspeak Channel

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Nipuna am 15 Jul. 2020
Kommentiert: Nipuna am 17 Jul. 2020
I have some channels in my Thingspeak account that show only 6 fields. I have a licenced purchased account not even the free one.
What is the reason for that ? How can I correct that issue ?

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Vinod am 16 Jul. 2020
Try going to the Channel's "Settings" tab and enabling the fields. You may not have enabled the fields on the channel, or may have deleted the default visualization for the field.
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Nipuna am 17 Jul. 2020
Hi Vinod thank you for the reply, but that was not the reason, I already enabled them.
Any way I was able to got the lost fields by disabling Channel Status, location and youtube fields.
Still I'm not sure why that happened.

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