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System Test: Simulation time

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Jeff on 6 Dec 2012
Answered: Jens on 13 Jan 2014
I am using the System Test toolbox. I am running a matlab script within System Test to analyze test results of a Simulink simulation that was ran with some test vectors. In the Matlab script, I need to have a vector that corresponds to the system time - is there anyway to get the system time. I don't want to make it an output from the Simulink model - it would only be an output for system test and that doesn't seem a good reason to create it there.
TAB on 7 Dec 2012
What is your system time. Is it sample time of model or vector of sample times ?

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Answers (1)

Jens on 13 Jan 2014
When you use TPT as testing tool it handles all timing for you.



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