How to find the neighboring maxima in an image

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Sara am 29 Mai 2020
Kommentiert: Sara am 4 Jun. 2020
I am working on a tool that helps me to find all the maxima in an image. (as shown). The image is a simulated image that I did using MatLab to do. It is similar to the high-resolution transmission electron microscopy to practice this tool in it before applying to real data.
What I want to do is find all the maxima value in the image. For example, I want to select only three-point using
[a,b] = ginput;
let's say these are the value of coordinated position in the image
a =
b =
The next thing I did is using the following command.
to obatain the follwing
I know that the red points are precisely the point that I select from that image. So here is what I need help with, I want to use only the a and b coordination to determent the other positions in the image.
I did that manually, but this is not going to help because I can't do that in real image.
Any suggections or thought that may help.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 31 Mai 2020
Why not simply use imregionalmax()?
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Sara am 4 Jun. 2020
Yes that what I want it. Thank you for your comment

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