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Filling up the outer surface holes/gaps

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banikr on 21 May 2020
Commented: darova on 28 May 2020
Hello Matlab experts,
I want to fill up the gaps or open spaces in the the brown layer(skin). What would be the best way to do so?
Morophological operations like dilation is not feasible as it takes spaces from other voxels like yellow layer(bones).
I have shared the file in nifti format here: google drive link which can be read as
lab = niftiread('lab_superior.nii.gz');

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darova on 21 May 2020
HEre is a start:
h = strel('disk',5);
I1 = imdilate(yellow,h); % imdilate yellow part (bone)
I2 = I1 & ~yellow; % select outside region/area only
I = I2 & skin;
darova on 28 May 2020
What about this?
I0 = imread('im.png');
I1 = ~im2bw(I0);
I2 = I1*0;
for j = 1:size(I1,2)
i = find(I1(:,j),1,'first');
if ~isempty(i)
I2(i,j) = true;

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