How to shift rows of a matrix with a specific number

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Hi I want to shift(row) pixels of an image with specific number of rotation e.g 10 or 45
I2=imresize(I1,[16 16]);figure;imshow(I2)
% column shift
csm = @(I,Col) circshift(I(:,Col),[3 1-Col]);
callcsm = @(I) csm(I, 1:size(I,2));
HH = callcsm(I);
%row shift.
%Problem is here
% I want shift each row 3 positions to its right but it shifts
%only one position
csm1 = @(row,I) circshift(I(row,:),[1-row,3]);
callcsm1 = @(I) csm1(1:size(I,1),I);
HH1 = callcsm1(I);
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 Mar 2020
When you call it you don't pass in any row or column. Why are you creating and using an anonymous function anyway instead of just calling circshift() directly? Why complicate things?

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