How to permute rows with specific number of permutation

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Hi I want to permute the image first column wise then row wise with specific values. The code I have written gives correct answer with column permutation but gives an error for row permutation .
I2=imresize(I1,[8 8]);figure;imshow(I2)
csm = @(I,Col) circshift(I(:,Col),[3 1-Col]); % Arbitrary Matrix
callcsm = @(I) csm(I, 1:size(I,2));
HH1 = callcsm(I);
%row shift
csm = @(row,I) circshift(I(row,:),[1-row,3]); % Arbitrary Matrix
callcsm = @(I) csm(I, 1:size(I,2));
HH = callcsm(I);
error in row shift
index exceed matrix dimension

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Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty on 21 Mar 2020
Hi Sadiq,
In the row shift, the function handle csm takes in first input as row and next input as image I, but while accessing it in the function handle callcsm, you are sending first image I and then column indexes. Make the update here as stated and it will solve the issue.
csm = @(row,I) circshift(I(row,:),[1-row,3]); % Arbitrary Matrix
callcsm = @(I) csm(1:size(I,1),I); % Make the call to csm with proper signature as defined in csm
Hope this helps.
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sadiqa ilyas
sadiqa ilyas on 21 Mar 2020
You r right thanks. can u plz tell me how to shift 3 or more elements bcz this only permutes one element .

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