Find Ultimate Tensile Strength (max/peak of graph) given Stress and Strain Data

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I have included the .xlsx file for the stress and strain values required to determine the Ultimate Tensile Stress (UTS).
I need to determine each UTS which is the maximum value of the curve and locate it on the graph. I need to plot all five UTS points on the graphs.
I have tried to use max, islocalmax, and findpeaks but I can not get the code to work.
Here is my code thus far
filename = 'TensileMEX-4545XYZ.xlsx';
data = xlsread(filename);
S1 = data(:,1:2);
S2 = data(:,4:5);
S3 = data(:,7:8);
S4 = data(:,10:11);
S5 = data(:,13:14);
matrix = [S1 S2 S3 S4 S5]; %Required to condense data to Nx10 matrix
matrix(matrix < 0.015) = NaN; %Ignores Values less than 0.015
plot(matrix(:,1), matrix(:,2),'r')
hold on
plot(matrix(:,3), matrix(:,4),'k')
plot(matrix(:,5), matrix(:,6),'g')
plot(matrix(:,7), matrix(:,8),'b')
plot(matrix(:,9), matrix(:,10),'m')
title('Data Set 1, ME2016 HW3, Camila Gill')
xlabel('Strain [%]')
ylabel('Stress [MPa]')
[UStrs, UStrn] = findpeaks(matrix(:,1),matrix(:,2));
The last line is the most recent attempt, but the following error occur
>>Error using findpeaks
>>Expected X to be finiteScreen Shot 2020-02-05 at 4.01.19 PM.png
Thank you for any help.

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Star Strider
Star Strider am 5 Feb. 2020
This line:
matrix(matrix < 0.015) = NaN; %Ignores Values less than 0.015
is inserting NaN values into ‘matrix’, and that is causing problems with findpeaks. The stress data are all significantly greater than that, so why not just delete that line?
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Star Strider
Star Strider am 5 Feb. 2020
You can, however the reason for doing that (or assigning it as NaN) is not obvious to me. The values you want (and that findpeaks returns) are significantly in excess of that value, so I seriously doubt that findpeaks will even consider it.
I would just eliminate that line. That should solve the problem.

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