Energy Balance Differential Equation

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Peter Vella
Peter Vella on 17 Jan 2020
Commented: Nicola De Noni on 22 Aug 2022
What would be the best way to solve the equation as shown in the attached PDF please?
Peter Vella
Peter Vella on 17 Jan 2020
You are right. Let me check again ...

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Answers (2)

Peter Vella
Peter Vella on 20 Jan 2020
P and T are dependent on each other .. as per the ideal gas equations in themrodynamics ..

Guru Mohanty
Guru Mohanty on 22 Jan 2020
Hi, I understand you are trying to solve the equation. You can do this using dsolve. Here is a sample code.
clear all;
syms rho cp T(t) mn V Tin P(t) heff Tamb k
P=k*T; % Ideal Gas Equation
eqn= rho*cp*diff(T,1) + mn*cp*(T-Tin)/V - diff(P,1) + heff*(T-Tamb) ==0;
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Nicola De Noni
Nicola De Noni on 22 Aug 2022
Hello @Guru Mohanty, I have a similar problem, can you help me?
cp*M*(dT/dt)= - U*A*(T-T_out(t))
In this energy balance I want to plot the temperature profile.
How can I manage the temperature T_out that changes in time?

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